Hi, I’m Jim

I research and design technology and service solutions to make people’s lives more liveable and meaningful.

I’ve been doing UX, UI and service design and research since 1998.

Since then I've been working on everything from snowboard graphics to augmented reality ever since for the likes of Intel, Google, Samsung Design Europe, Microsoft Research, Horizon Digital Economy Research, Playfish/ EA Games and the British Government.

I’m currently working on projects in blockchain, publishing and digital cultural heritage.



Bastion is a publishing platform which allows you to provide content in incredibly readable and browse-able slices on mobile devices. I’ve designed and led development of the platform and publishing product.


Single intelligence Platform

SIP (Single Intelligence Platform) is a platform for UK Border Force to write, analyse, check and share intellgence and connect the dots in investigations across the entire agency. I was the design lead and liased between the product, front-end and research teams to revolutionise how the Home Office and Border Force fought border crime.


My Lens

MyLens is a peer-to-peer identity management tool seeking to flip the model of how we live digitally and give users control of who can access them and their data and how. I worked with the early stage startup on helping define use cases and exploring through prototyping, design workshops and interfaces how users could take back control of their personal data.



I was the (co)product manager and design lead on developing a second screen platform that knows what you're watching on your TV in real time and shows you on iPad in a calm and clear manner everything from maps to recipes as they happen. It utilised AI techniques like Natural Language Processing to process and curate content in real time.



The Yocto Project is a global open source effort maintained by the Linux Foundation to create an easy way to create custom Linux builds, especially for embedded systems. I led the design effort to take this proceess from the command line to its first graphical user interface.


Dubai Airport Wayfinding

Consultation and UX design of Dubai Airport’s wayfinding system.


Google Compare

I worked on the design of Google Compare which was a way to search, compare and shop for solutions to large, real life problems, from car insurance or your next mortgage. Part of this involved contributing design patterns and UI for the precursor to Material Design (Kennedy).

The product was live 2012-2014 at www.google.com/compare/