The one thing either an 80 or 15 year old can do with a phone is dial a number and listen – thus we’ve developed a phone and internet monument infrastructure gives places phone numbers where anyone can just call up the place they’re at and have someone (as acted by a narrator) who has a personal relation to that massacre site, as a survivor or relative, tell them about what they’re looking at and lead them through the experience. What we’re essentially doing is creating a museum audio tour in the woods, except in an extremely personal manner with the personal device everyone has in their pocket. The effect is an intensely site-specific experience, more powerful than any ordinary walking tour, where you listen and use the most effectively narrative tool available – your imagination.

Spomenik was one half of Pervasive Monuments project done with Horizon Digital Economy Research which replays and relays the events of post World War II Communist political massacres in Slovenia. The project concentrated on visitors happening upon massacre sites and their hidden histories, as well as on educational scenarios where school groups used the Spomenik platform as part of school lessons centred on the mass graves and events surrounding them.