Top 10

Top ten July 2019

It’s been a while. It has. Here’s a little stab at starting this whole thing up again.

1. Istanbul - I love this city like a Turk hates his family and loves cats. The chaos, the sea, the flashpoint coming together of every emotion and continents in one heaving pile of concrete and tea.

2. Raki - I hate anise seed flavour more than just about anything, except when its in this delightful, introspective liquor of the Eastern mediterranean. It always leaves my feet swollen, but its beautiful, mellow, long and drawn like a sunset over the Bosphorus or the death of my career

2. Mountains - I moved my family to Slovenia just so we could be near them and its better than any screen or booze you could come up with

3. Alvaro Enrigue - “Sudden Death” is nothing short of phenomenal and his only other book in English is a collection of short stories I would have given my left ball to be able to write.

4. Interactive comedy - I have no idea what this is, and even less of an idea of what it will be, but hang on tight, its coming somehow.

5. AI as a design tool - We’re still in the awkward 8th grade phase of AI as a tool, much like using coding programs to create “art” resulted in lots of digital spirographs (If you don’t know what this is, its fine, I’m not even going to explain it because it date me way too much) but I think there’s the potential with tools like Runway to let us do something interesting without the math PhD as a prerequisite.

6. The floundering of mixed reality - Talk about awkward bets, mixed reality is still hanging on but I’m still hopeful even in its race to the bottom

7. The Anthropocene Reviewed - Utterly gorgeous writing, with a flair for disappointment in humanity and pragmatism that only someone from Cleveland could appreciate. I would say its beautiful, but this proves how shit of a writer I am compared to John Green.

8. Two Minutes to Late Night - the world's only heavy metal-themed talk show. Yet another thing I have fantasises while twisting and turning in bed of having not done.

9. Peanut butter

10. Craig Mod - His voice can make climate change seem like its seriously okay and he makes me want to make out with everything he puts out on the internet

Top 10 - February 2013

  1. Uncertainty, luck and Black Swans - Yes, more anti-futures and this other stuff called reality. Designers, please wake up, you can't invent the future.
  2. Danzig
  3. Coffee shops that sell comics and play Danzig and also happen to be a 5 minute walk from my house.
  4. Not being precious about sketching and drawing - Recently I've given up on the idea of having a proper sketchbook because it was stressing me out having to maintain one more thing and be precious and all art studenty about. In art school the sketchbook is your bible, your rifle and your car and you're trained to love it and protect it and prune and preen it like an exotic breed. Its just paper though. Its the shit you make, not in what form it gets laid out, that matters.
  5. Dennis Busenitz - The man crush continues
  6. Chewy Cannon - This guy is basically the UK's Busenitz and actually smiles when he lands the ball dropping tricks he pummels with
  7. Flights to non-states (like Kosovo) - One of my erstwhile homes Ljubljana was also one of the first places that you could fly to a non-country from a couple of years back. This is amazing, that you can fly to a non-state, and yet has a capital.
  8. The School of Life Stricty Secular Sermons
  9. Sweet potatoes
  10. Greenleaf – No Time Like Right Now! - Just when you think classic riffs don't really matter, or that, you know, they're cool and all, but I have to talk to my accountant today so whatever - the rock gods drop this nuke on us and have us begging for more six string salvation.

Top 10 - November

1. The Sword - Not even having heard their new album yet due to it not being Spotify hasn't held me back from giving the sheer riffing genius of Warp Riders, the planet destroying riffs of which I've ridden through a couple of astral planes this past month. 2. Dark Chocolate

3. Monocle - I wish I could take credit for the line "Changing the world one first class ticket at a time" but unfortunately I can't. The first thing I love about this magazine is that when you read it from your cramped seat on the budget airline you still think you're somehow a hotshot jetsetter. The other thing is that it's probably one of the only places I read about people giving a shit about having gone to the RCA.

4. Songs of Fire and Ice - The main reason it's number 4 and not 1 is that I finished reading all 5000 pages so don't know what to do with myself

5. Modernist lamps

6. Not living like an immigrant anymore - I don't care what anyone says, and immigrant parents guilt aside, it's amazing not really having to live like an immigrant anymore. There's that whole bit about the power and honesty of the struggle but I'm over it.

7. Bilingualism for children now being cool - When I was a kid the whole sordid matter of my parents not speaking English at home was a matter of shame. Now, however, the fact that my kid has loads of languages thrown at her makes her cool.

8. Istanbul - Back again and can't wait to commute from one continent to another.

9. Schnapps - The Stark words are already here for us in Northern Europe which means its time to warm up from the inside out Eastern style. I recommend having on hand home brew in plastic water bottles from ex Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union.

10. Wacom tablets